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Version: 5.18

Rebuild Strategies


The rebuildStrategy option expects a string which decides when DevSpace will rebuild an image. By default DevSpace will rebuild an image if one of the conditions is true:

  • The image was not built before
  • The dockerfile has changed
  • The configuration within the devspace.yaml for the image has changed
  • A file within the docker context (excluding .dockerignore rules) has changed
Skip Rebuild Manually

DevSpace will skip building when the --skip-build flag is explicitly provided.

Trigger Rebuild Manually

DevSpace will always rebuild when the -b / --force-rebuild flag is explicitly provided.

Options For rebuildStrategy#

Currently DevSpace supports the rebuild strategies always and ignoreContextChanges:

  • always: if this strategy is provided, DevSpace will always rebuild the image
  • ignoreContextChanges: same as default except that DevSpace will ignore changes to files within the docker context


image: john/appbackend
rebuildStrategy: always
image: john/appfrontend
rebuildStrategy: ignoreContextChanges
image: john/cache
disabled: true

When running devspace dev, devspace build or devspace deploy using the above configuration, DevSpace would:

  • not build the image cache because build.disabled is true
  • build the image frontend only if it was not built yet, there were changes to the Dockerfile or the image config itself changed
  • build the image backend because rebuildStrategy is set to always