Version: 5.8

Environment Variables

If the source is env, DevSpace will not ask the user a question and instead use environment variables to determine the value of the variable.

image: "mysql:${MYSQL_VERSION}"
source: env
default: "5.5"

If source is env and the environment variable is not defined, DevSpace will use the default value or terminate with a fatal error, if there is no default value configured.

Variable Type

By default, the type (string, int, bool) of variable will be determined by the type of its default value (if defined) or automatically detected if no default value is defined. To explicitly use the value of a variable as a string, use $!{VAR_NAME} instead of ${VAR_NAME}.



The name option expects a string stating the name of the config variable that will be used to reference it within the remainder of the configuration.

Must be unique

The name of a config variable must be unique and is mandatory when defining a config variable.


The default option expects a string defining the default value for the variable.

Type Casting

If a default value is specified, DevSpace will assume the type of the default value as the type for the variable, i.e. when default: "123" is defined and a value of 123 (int) is provided it would be casted to "123" (string). To explicitly use the value of a variable as a string within devspace.yaml, use $!{VAR_NAME} instead of ${VAR_NAME}.