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Version: 5.18

Services, Ingresses & Domains

The easiest way to connect a domain to your deployment is to run the following command within your project directory:

devspace open

Choose via domain to connect a domain or choose via localhost to use port-forwarding.

Component Chart#

If you are looking for the documentation of the component chart values that let you configure the ingress and service for a component in devspace.yaml, please look into the Component Chart Documentation.

Component Chart Docs

The component chart is a flexible Helm chart for deploying custom applications in a standardized manner. Learn more in the Component Chart Documentation.


Here are some steps to debug issues with your application when your domain is not able to reach your application.

Listen On All Interfaces#

Make sure your application is running on and not on localhost. If you see a log message in your container logs such as Listening on localhost:PORT or Listening on, you need to change the configuration of your application, so that it starts listening on instead of localhost/

Only Localhost Works

This is often the problem when you are able to use devspace open with via localhost but not with the via domain option.

Check For Failing Containers#

Make sure none of your containers is constantly restarting (Restarts > 0) or unable to starting (Status != Running):

kubectl get po

Check Services and Endpoints#

Make sure you have at least one service for your main application configured:

kubectl get svc

And make sure all your services have at least one endpoint:

kubectl get ep